Meeting Someone New Can Change Your Whole Life

I knew that I would one day need to buckle down and not focus on nights of fun, but that time has not been in the last three years! I graduated from school with a really good degree, and then decided that I wanted to take some time off before I get stuck working somewhere for the next 20 years. My mission has been to have a good time for few years. I did that last week by holding a birthday party for my best friend on a bus from Platinum Party Bus Rental in Toronto and having so much fun. That was the night that I met the girl of my dreams, and I even found myself wondering if the time to start settling down is near.

I’ve been extremely lucky in life because my parents are well off. I have not had to struggle with school loans and other things that people my age have had to deal with. My parents paid for me to go to a great university, put me up in a really nice apartment, furnished it, gave me a new car and all the spending money that I needed. I’ve never taken advantage of what they have shared with me. (more…)

A Book Club Adventure is Never Boring

My mom joined a book club nearly 20 years ago. People have come and gone from it, but there is still a core group that has been there from the beginning. Right now, there are about 30 ladies in it. They try to meet at least once a month, but I am not sure if the discussion is about books or other things at this point in their lives. When my mom asked me if I would look into a party bus Toronto company, I knew without even asking that it was for her book group.

Some of the women are pretty young, but most are around my mom’s age, which is 56 years old. I had no idea why they wanted a bus, and I really wasn’t sure I wanted to know. (more…)

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